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Super Yacht Lacquer Yacht Lacquer from Wilckens Super- Yachtlack is a high quality synthetic varnish characterized by excellent flow, hiding power, chalk and fade resistance, gloss retention and resistance against splash water. Applicable to exterior areas above the water line, and interior areas of yachts and boats of metal and wood construction. Old coatings should be sanded to a matt surface before recoated.  
Hard DD Yacht Lacquer wilckens hard lacquer DD-Hartlack is a high quality, 2-component Polyurethane lacquer suitable for areas above the water line on boats and yachts of wood, steel, aluminum and polyester construction. After proper curing the result is an elastic and light-fast plastic coating with excellent gloss retention and scratch resistance. This guarantees a long-life decorative and protective coating. DD-Hartlack klar (transparent) contains high quality light stabilizer against yellowing.