Marine coatings systems and paint

Whether for specific repair jobs and improvements, regular repainting, a straight forward touch-up or the total realization of a new ship: Wilcken's high quality products are always first choice. As Germanys biggest concern independent producer of marine coatings and paints we offer the complete range for a high quality painting. Far below the water line as well as high up on the bridge. Inside as well as outside. As primer, undercoat- or topcoats, antifouling or any special paint.

Highlights on some of our specialty "green" Marine coatings

Ecomar AF - Advanced Tin-Free antifouling systems

Advanced Tin-Free antifouling systems, designed for demanding owners and ship managers who require the best fouling protection for their fleet. More Information...

  • Meets all requirements of new IMO regulations
  • Proven Tin-Free technology
  • As effective as TBT self-polishing antifouling systems
  • Continuous release of high performance biocides
  • Self smoothing and roughness control
  • Approval Certificates from Various Societies

EPOBARR - A unique super high-build solvent free epoxy compound

Highly recommended for a quick and effective solution ensuring a permanent protection to areas with frequent recurring or extensive rust problems. More Information...

  • A permanent protection solution
  • Does not require extensive surface preparation
  • Does not require expensive airless spray application methods
  • Applicable on Damp surfaces
  • Blocks perforated steel plates, provides a quick solution until affected plates replacement
  • Resistance to certain oils
  • Compatibility with most paint types
  • Super quick drying

Eposist DX -An advanced high-build tar free epoxy coating

The “Eposist DX” is intended for the upgrade of the paint condition of the vessels ballast tanks, from the existing coal-tar epoxy coat to a durable tar free epoxy coating without the need for removing the existing coat. More Information...

  • Min. Surface preparation via hydro-jetting instead of sand or grit blasting
  • Assured full compatibility with the existing coal-tar coats
  • Light color shade makes inspection easier
  • High solid volume mean low VOC emission and high spreading rate
  • Single coat application possible if necessary.

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