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Company Overview

Wilckens looks back at a history which started in 1845. From the beginning, high quality held a core position in our production, and today the Wilckens group relentlessly adheres to this philosophy in all its production facilities in over 20 countries around the globe. Victoria Repair Group Ltd is official representative and is located in Tallinn

On the marine front, and backed by years of experience earned from a strong collaboration with Kansai Paint® of Japan, our focus has shifted to specialized and advanced marine products. Today Wilckens Paints holds a high degree of market competence, with more flexible responses, all-encompassing a vast know-how and a reliable worldwide service network.

Within the overall global activities, an all important stage was reached with the development and maturing of the European market, propelling Wilckens to the forefront of the marine paint producers in Germany. A position strengthened by a relentless commitment to continuous research and development, with special attention to safeguarding our fragile environment.

As such, and in a rapidly changing world “continuity” has become a virtue. Continuity and reliability in relations with customers, continuity in our striving for quality and innovation. Continuity in our willingness to react flexibly to changing markets and the various needs of our customers.


We will become a premier specialty Coatings and Paints company through customer focus, superior technology, operational excellence and employee commitment.


Quality Policy

Wilckens is dedicated to providing products and services which consistently meet or exceed the requirements of our customers. We promote personal involvement, continuous improvement, and proactive problem solving to drive this commitment to quality.

Total Quality Principles

We are committed to continually improve in:

  • Satisfying the customer
  • Performing only value-added activities and rigorously eliminating those which are not.
  • Becoming effective and efficient in the performance of these value-added activities.
  • Measuring our performance, correcting our deficiencies, and applauding our successes.
  • Using Quality Standarts in all functional areas.
  • Above all, continuing to learn new techniques, new tools, and new methods to meet the challenges of the future


We are fair, honest, and consistent in our business.


We make safety the first priority


We value each other for our diverse ideas, experiences, and backgrounds.


We work as groups and individuals toward our common goal in a spirited and selfless manner.

Continuous Improvement

We relentlessly pursue doing the right things better.