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New Collaboration Agreement

“NIPPON PAINT MARINE COATINGS” (NPMC), is a well known and respected Japanese paint company, operating on a worldwide basis, and is considered to be a leader in the field of eco-friendly antifouling products, such as (the well proven) “ECOLOFLEX SPC”, among other innovative and advanced anticorrosive coatings, for example, the “NOA” (with it's Self-Indicating technology) and the “CERAMO” (a special heat resistant shop primer).

In their drive to establish themselves as a world leader with a solid global presence, NPMC has entered into a collaboration agreement with us “WILCKENS MARINE and PROTECTIVE COATINGS”.

Under this new collaboration, both parties will enhance their presence and service to their respective clients, by utilizing the strengths and achievements of each other, including networks, logistics, services, etc., thus creating a new powerful basis for market cultivation and penetration.

It is our aim of this new collaboration to offer our clients a variety of products both for new-building and sea-stock, enhanced stock availability with increased locations, instant expert service & attendance, and at the foremost a reliable uncompromising consistent worldwide high-quality product and service network.