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NOA ® Nippon paint Optimized & Advanced Coating System

NOA 10M is a patented multipurpose anti-corrosion pain coating for more effective vessel maintenance. Developed by NIPPON PAINT MARINE COATINGS, NOA 10M ensures quality and precision of paint coating at the dry dock. Corrosion resistance is improved and maintenance costs are reduced

Features and Benefits of NOA 10M

  • • Ensures minimum specified dry film thickness - for better corrosion protection
  • • Epoxy based. Stronger paint film = better resistance to mechanical damage
  • • One A/C primer for outer hull - for better control
  • • Single coat by SI technology
  • • Direct A/F application
  • • Tar free
noa features and benefits

How the NOA 10M can help protect your ship?

• Self Indicating (SI) technology
NOA uses patented Self Indicating (SI) technology which lets a painter judge visually if the correct film thickness (wet/dry) has been achieved when paint is applied. It becomes much easier to apply just the right amount of paint, for a better paint job.

Unique features of NOA 10M

SI technology allows for accurate control of film thickness. Damaged areas can easily be seen when coats are too thin. Each specific color indicates the level of thickness.

1. Fewer passes with spray gun required
to achieve full opacity.

2. Full color means the right film thickness
has been achieved.

Nippon paints unique features

• Over 4500 ships
NOA has been tested on over 4500 ships, and has been shown to greatly enhance anti-corrosion properties and resistance to abrasive impact.

• NOA perform pin-point touch up jobs
Precise application gives more effective coverage, and less paint wastage and no wastage of valid A/F remaining

• One-Shot touch up to the designated thickness (175 or 225µm)
For better corrosion protection and shortening of dry-docking period

See the difference:

Nippon paint perform pin-poin touch up- see the difference