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EPOBARR ® anticorrosion marine coating

A unique super high-build fiber re-enforced solvent free epoxy compound. Epobarr highly recommended for a quick and effective solution ensuring a permanent protection to areas with frequent recurring or extensive rust problems

The EPOBARR from Wilckens® was developed for the repair of heavily corroded areas and pitting corrosion on any surface on the vessel whether immersed or exposed to any persistent unforgiving elements. The EPOBARR is considered a highly environmentally friendly product as it is solvent free with minimum, waste during mixing and after application.

Epobarr wilckens coatingEpobarr wilckens coating

How the EPOBARR can help protect your ship?

• A permanent protection solution
Once mixed and applied properly EPOBARR will remain in place for a very long time unaffected by external corroding factors, abrasion, friction, effectively sealing the surface it covers. No peeling off, no cracking - a permanent solution!

• Easy surface preparation
As EPOBARR has excellent penetrating properties and is highly surface tolerant, it does not require extensive surface preparation. Suited for application on tight rust, or preferably on surfaces prepared by hand and tool cleaning to the ST2.0 standard.

• Facile to apply
EPOBARR does not require expensive airless spray application methods, It is applicable by spatula, roller and or brush. 100 % solid volume content, producing no noxious odors, making it the perfect product for application in confined areas without the need for expensive ventilation systems.

• Applicable on Damp surfaces
Specially in ballast tanks where humidity is extremely high, EPOBARR can be applied on damp surfaces, after a simple wiping by a dry rag or similar.

• Blocks perforated steel plates
In cases where steel plates had been perforated, EPOBARR could provide a quick solution until affected plates replacement at more convenient circumstances, if deemed necessary.

• Resistance to certain oils
Tested for up to 36 months in diesel oil bunker tanks with excellent results, offering a perfect solution for protection for similar type of applications.

• Compatibility with most paint types
Over-coatable with many other paint types, making it suitable as a universal first coat on any surface on the vessel. (Not suitable to be coated with antifouling paint)

• Super quick drying
EPOBARR dries quickly after application, with the possibility for tanks or similar areas to be flooded only 30 minutes after application, thus ideal for a quick and permanent repair solution.

• Choice of 2 colors
Available in Green for exposed decks and light grey for tanks or any other areas.