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ECOMAR ® AF Series

Proven tin-free antifouling paint products

The Ecomar ® AF series from Wilckens ® - advanced tin-free antifouling systems, designed for demanding owners and ship managers who require the best fouling protection for their fleet.

How the ECOMAR AF can help protect your ship?

Product data

• Meets all requirements of new IMO regulations
ECOMAR AF antifouling products are fully compliant with the latest environmental standards, including regulations that ban TBT-based products 1st January 2003. ECOMAR AF systems are totally tin-free.

• Proven tin-free technology
Designed for both new building and maintenance purposes, ECOMAR AF systems have been successfully used and tested on a large number of ships since the early 1990ties.

• As effective as TBT self polishing antifouling
Latest generation of ECOMAR AF systems give effective protection that is equal to tin-containing antifouling products, yielding an effective service of up to 60 months.

• Continuous release of high performance biocides
A carefully targeted package of cuprous oxide and organic co-biocides are released via controlled, consistent polishing rates to cope with different levels of fouling hazards.

• Self-smoothing and roughness control
High-performance ECOMAR AF systems maintain hull smoothness over the period of service and are thus reducing fuel consumption and costs.

• Type Approval Certificates
All ECOMAR AF systems have been certified by major classification societies as anti-fouling systems which comply with the requirements of the International Convention on the Control of Harmful Anti-fouling Systems on Ships

The right solution for every situation.


  • Cost-effective TBT-free antifouling for vessels with short stationary periods. Suitable for repair of worldwide trading vessels with limited service life to 24 months.


  • Standard self-polishing tin-free antifouling for medium to high operation rate ocean going vessels and up to 36 months of service.


  • High activity TBT-free self polishing antifouling for medium to high operation rate ocean going ships. Up to 60 months of service period


  • Cost effective TBT-free antifouling for repair and new building of seagoing vessels with low and medium speed and up to 36 months of service period


  • High performance self-polishing TBT-free antifouling for medium to high operation speed rate ocean going vessels. Excellent self smoothing effects. Up to 48 months of service


  • High activity TBT free self-polishing antifouling for coastal vessels, tugs, ferries with low and medium activity in high fouling environment. Up to 24 months of service