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Universal Primer Wilckens universal primer for yacht Based on chlorinated rubber, CR Universal grund is a primer applicable to yachts and boats of steel, wood and aluminum construction, providing protection against corrosion both above and below the water line. It can be over coated with all types of I-component paint and antifouling. When over coating an unknown substrate, one coat of CR Universalgrund serves as a barrier coat. Moreover it is used as a sealer to old, leached and worn down antifouling layers.
Epoxy Primer Epoxy primer Epoxyd-Primer is a 2-component corrosion protection suitable for boats and yachts made of aluminum, steel, wood and polyester. It is impermeable to diffusion and designed for use on surfaces above and under water, preventing rust on steel and osmosis on polyester. Epoxyd-primer is used as a barrier (underlay) on wood coated with polyester. It can be over coated with every type of antifouling, with polyurethane top-coats and other 2-component products.  
Yacht Vorlack undercoat wilckens Yacht-Vorlack is a high quality synthetic varnish with extremely good hiding power. In combination with Super- Yacht lack its excellent flow and easy sanding guarantee a good finish on both internal and external surfaces above the water line of boats and yachts.