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Epoxy Resin Epoxy resin for yacht from wilckens Epoxyd-Harz is a solvent-free, colorless, unfilled 2-component epoxy resin with a high substrate penetration. Moreover it cures without a sticky surface, even in thin layers. It has a broad range of application, including laminating (e. g. surf boards and boat construction), laminating to cover other materials (e. g. glass fiber reinforced plastic, old wood and metal hulls and keels), fastening (e. g. metal fittings and bulkheads) and gluing (e. g. teak-decks, wood, metal and glass fiber reinforced plastic).Also used as a time-saving method to fill and seal pores of wood in I - 2 applications. After curing Epoxyd-Harz is elastic and has a hard surface. All visible areas outside have to be covered by a DD-Hartlack.  
EP - Light resin Ep light resin from wilckens Water resistant multi component Epoxy filler with a very low specific weight. Solvent free. Does not absorbs water and easy to polish. Can be used on interior and exterior areas  above and below the waterline on all types of surfaces.  
Yacht Thinner Yacht thinner from wilckens Special thinner for achieving required consistency when cleaning brushes and spray equipment. Thinning for easier application of all one component coatings  
2K THINNER Thinner_wilckens 2K- Thinner is a special thinner for 2-comp. products used to achieve the right viscosity of application and to clean tools. Also suitable for cleaning tools used for solvent-free 2-component products and for dissolving and remerge wood-ingredients from the surface of tropical wood (e. g. teak).  
Golden Teak 1 teak cleaning and restoration Removes grime and restores shine on teak deck surface.  
Golden Teak 2 Clarifier for teak surfaces Clarifier for teak surfaces. Restores original color and beauty.  
Golden Teak 3 Protective coating for teak Protective coating for teak. Alkyd resin build with inorganic pigment and UV absorber