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Wilkotherm 150 Heat resistant Up to 150°C  A unique quality of silver finish coating with good resistance to weathering and heat up to 150°C. For both interior and exterior such as machinery, pipes, rails, inside of funnel, etc.  
Wilkotherm 300 Heat resistant Up to 300°C High gloss aluminum paint based on special physical drying resin with good resistance to weathering and heat up to 300°C. Preferable for use on steel substrates both interior and exterior where a high degree of heat resisting is necessary.  
Wilkotherm 600 Heat resistant Up to 600°C A very high heat resisting paint based on special silicone resin which is capable of withstanding up to 600°C moment temperature. For all internal and external areas where excellent heat resistance is requested, such as hot-pipes, funnels, water boilers, stoves, etc.  
Eposist 3000 Surface tolerant coats Ultra high-build surface tolerant multipurpose epoxy coating with excellent resistance to corrosion, impact, chemicals and solvents. Paint film becomes very tough and resistance to abrasion.  
Eposist 2000 Surface tolerant coats High-build surface tolerant anticorrosive coating based on special epoxy resin. Excellent resistance to moisture / weathering and mechanical load.  
Epobarr  Super-build epoxy mastic A unique super-build epoxy mastic for maintenance purposes with excellent surface tolerant properties, adhesion to dry or damp surfaces, offering outstanding resistance to seawater with permanent corrosion protection. Quick drying for immediate flooding. Environmentally friendly system with 100 % solids-volume. More Information...  
BESCHLEUNIGER FÜR KH-LACKFARBEN Additive Special additive for all alkyd build Wilckens lacquers. Speeds up drying time, improves solidity and coating stableness.