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Name Type review Additional information
Wilkotex Primer ZP Alkyd Primers Quick-drying anticorrosive primer based on short oil alkyd resin with zinc phosphate.  
Wilkotex Primer LS Alkyd Primers Fast overlapping with almost all one coat systems and some 2 component systems. May be used as one coat system for inside surfaces  
Wilkotex Primer S Alkyd Primers Universal rust-preventive primer for exterior and interior use based on alkyd resin with iron-oxide pigment  
Wilkotex Primer DB Alkyd Primers Primer for metal industry objects. Suitable for inside and outside spaces  
Wilkotex Primer SK Alkyd Primers Especially suitable for tangent towers  
Wilkonyl Universal Primer   Universal Primers Quick-drying universal primer, based on special resins with good adhesion properties.  
Wilkor Primer HB Chlorinated-Rubber Primers Quick-drying weather and water resistant high built primer based on vinyl/acrylic resin.  
Wilkor AC Chlorinated-Rubber coats AA multipurpose primer with very good adhesion and quick-drying properties.  
Wilkozinc Primer HB Zinc Primer 2 component primer with zinc powder additives. Excellent corrosion resistant. May be used in site welding if coated as one coat system  
Wilkozinc Primer 100 QD Zinc Shop primers 2-component zinc rich blast primer / primer with excellent anticorrosive properties, adhesion, seawater-, weather- and temperature-resistance   
Wilkozinc Primer 1500 Zinc Primer A two component, ethyl silicate zinc rich paint. Offers cathode protection of steel. Excellent resistance to abrasion, weathering and high, dry temperatures (+ 480°C /900°F). Withstands immersion in oils and various so events.  
Wilkopox Primer Epoxy primer Best as corrosion protection for metal and steel objects, machinery and railroad industry objects  
Wilkopox MP Epoxy primer 2-pack high-build epoxy primer with excellent anticorrosive properties  
Wilkopox MP DB Epoxy primer 2 component heavy epoxy primer with excellent anticorrosion properties. For metal and steelworks  
Wilkopox EG Epoxy primer Epoxy build heavy coating with iron mica additive. As top layer for Wilckens epoxy primers  
Eposist 2000 Surface tolerant coats High-build surface tolerant anticorrosive coating based on special epoxy resin. Excellent resistance to moisture / weathering and mechanical load.  
Eposist 3000 Surface tolerant coats Ultra high-build surface tolerant multipurpose epoxy coating with excellent resistance to corrosion, impact, chemicals and solvents. Paint film becomes very tough and resistance to abrasion.  
Wilkotan Primer/UC Polyurethane based primers High Performance 2-pack polyurethane based primer / undercoat with excellent weather and chemical resistance  
Wilkotan Primer HS Polyurethane based primers High Performance 2-pack polyurethane based primer with excellent adhesion properties on steel and aluminum. Reduced amount of thinner  
Wilkohyd 1020 Water born This primer may be applied by dispersion or immersion. Good adhesion on different surfaces: steel, zinc, aluminum, plastic. Anticorrosion properties.  
Wilkohyd 1065 Water born Fast drying primer applicable by dispersion. For universal use on steelworks and machinery coating, Shockproof and corrosion resistant  
Wilkohyd 1050 Water born 2 component epoxy primer. Excellent corrosion protection and universal overhead cover. Suitable for forced drying.  
Aluminum Primer Others Quick-drying primer, based on special resins with good adhesion properties  
WILKOPOX AL tie-coat Epoxy build This tie-coat is a two-component epoxy primer which cures to a strong coating with excellent anti-corrosive and adhesion properties. Contains zinc phosphate. Best on aluminum and hot galvanized steel.