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Wilckens for wood Wilckens floor lacquer

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Protective Gel Wood protective gel for outside job. Completely prepared for application. Deep surface penetration underscores beautiful wood texture. Moisture adjusting and breathing  
Protective impregnation Thin layered artificial resin build wood impregnation for inside and outside job. Weather resistant, waterproof and breathing  
Anti- wood borer Coating for wood protection from borer insect. Solvent free, water born, almost odorless, Also fungus-proof. Penetrates wood deep inside very fast.  
Lacquer for living spaces Ecologically safe, water born and moisture self regulating for all types of wood. Used inside.  
Acryl parquet lacquer High quality water born transparent lacquer for wood treatment. Best suitable for parquet floor. Environmentally friendly, elastic, fast drying, domestic cleaning fluid resistant, easy to apply. Creates smooth surface.  
Transparent Lacquer Excellent weather resistant alkyd build lacquer. Fast drying, shockproof, easy to apply, good spreading capacity and adhesion. Inside and outside jobs.  
Protective paint Fast drying glossy lacquer-paint with good adhesion and spreading capacity . Easy to apply, solvent free, elastic. Thanks to it excellent weather resistance and moisture regulating qualities best suitable for wood surfaces outside as well inside.  
Colored enamel Colored glossy / satiny paint. Low amount of solvent makes possible use water as thinner. For outside and inside jobs.