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Primer for concrete Steady to weather conditions this liquid plastic is designed for concrete and cement covering indoor as well outdoor.  
Liquid Plastic High quality liquid plastic. Water and oil resistant. Designed for protective purposes, impregnation and isolation of concrete surfaces  
Oil-resistant Highly elastic, water diluted synthetic build coating for indoor use. Almost odorless and solvent free. Tested and allowed to use as protective coating. Weather, water and residual fuel oil resistant after drying.  
Primer Used as universal reactive layer and for active corrosion protection. Easy to apply, universal use. Especially suitable as anticorrosion primer and as reactive layer between raw surface and top coating. Indoor and outdoor use. Heat resistant up to 100°С (dry-heat). Nitro lacquer overlapping. Good primer for alkyd build lacquers. Applicable for aluminum, zinc, copper, galvanized iron, roofing iron and solid PVC  
Primer for Plasters Aquatic priming concentrate with very good atmospheric resistance qualities. Almost odorless and with little harmful substances. Used for outdoor as well indoor. Creates protective film and has very good diffusion characteristics  
Glossy latex paint Glossy latex paint with high covering power. For indoor use. Great wear proof quality and little attrition effect. May be cleaned. Best for elevation of building. Does not leave any chalky footprints on the surface.  
Paint for walls Paint for walls and ceilings with high covering power, excellent usage of capacity, easy to use. Does not spit when applied with roller. Suitable for airless spraying. Breathing, solvent free, wear proof and almost odorless.  
Paint for radiator Special white glossy lacquer for heating radiators. Does not turn yellow, easy to apply, shockproof.